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Rose China Chodov

Decorative and utility Rose China, Vases, Clocks. The factory at Chodov (Western Bohemia,CZ) is amongst the oldest in Bohemia. It was established by the owner of Chodov estate, Frantisek Miesl, who was granted the licence to manufacture stoneware in 1811. In 1872, after many ownership changes, the business was sold to Haas and Czjzek at Horni Slavkov city. This firm contributed further to the continued prosperity of Chodov. This period of time also saw the origin of the well known trademark with the letters H&C under two little spruce trees and the letters CH (Chodov) which is still used today. The current production consists of rose colour handmade and decorated china gilded with 24 carat gold. Contrary to some manufactures using rose glazing, the Chodov factory add colour to the china mass which is then covered by transparent glazing. Thanks to its demanding and special manufacturing procedure the original Rose China from Chodov will always be highly treasured and sought after.

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