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  • Need to know the price of shipping to your country? Simply add the item to your online shopping cart, select the country of delivery and the system will show you the prices and shipping + payment options. The order is far from complete at that point, you will only see the price of shipping to your country. The shipping price always depends on the speed of delivery and the weight of the products.
  • For your better understanding of the prices, you can switch to these currencies (payment options follow):
  • Porcelain and glass are fragile materials. This fact raises logical question about shipping safety! But, we had have only 34 broken pieces (from thousands of shipped packages) since 1999. We ship most of international orders to remote destinations like USA, AE, Japan, Australia, Central Africa, New Zealand, even Reunion, Russian Federation. So we must know what dangerous obstacles can be experienced by our porcelain shipments during the way to your home! And we figth succesfully these freight traps! We are Packing Masters!!! You will be surprised how safely our packages are packed!!! Nevertheless, if your items arrive broken, please, make a picture of a broken item and send it to us. Then we will ship new item to you for free.
  • If your goods arrives broken (which can happen very rarely), WE WILL SEND REPLACEMENTS FREE OF CHARGE. We only need to send photos of the damaged items within 24 hours of delivery (by email).
  • If you have any other questions, we will be pleased to answer them.

Petr Bednar

E-shop manager, tel +420 221 505 314, email: