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Kvetna 1794 Glassworks

Czech hand-made titanium glass of premium quality and beautiful modern designs. Every piece of glass produced in Kvetna 1794 is hand-made product, therefore each piece is unique original. You may encounter minor imperfections, such as small bubbles or minor surface irregularities, which are only an evidence of handmade production and do not detract from the beauty or functionality of the product.

The drawn stem from the hands of the master glassmaker guarantees high resistance of the glass to damage even while maintaining the extreme thinness of the glass.

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Crystal Carafe / Vase 1350 ml, Amethyst - Tethys, Kvetna 1794 Glassworks

Crystal hand-blown carafe / vase in soft violet color …

45.78 €
Luxurious Design Wine Glass 450 ml, Glassworks Kvetna 1794

Original luxurious red wine glass 450 ml made of czech…

26.06 €
Crystal Jug 2000 ml, Aquamarin - Polka Dot, Kvetna 1794 Glassworks

Crystal hand-blown jug of very special design from the…

109.88 €
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Microwave / Dishwasher use
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45.78 €
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