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Goldfinger porcelain

The Czech porcelain manufactory Goldfinger porcelain produces very original mostly author's small-batch manufacture of porcelain. Their creative design and high quality really impress. Goldfinger produce both tea and coffee sets, mugs, cups, bowls and vases. In 1998, the company was originally founded in the village of Hlušovice near Olomouc. Czech porcelain is used as the main raw material for production - a material of the highest quality.

Despite they are a small company, they export their products all over the world. Cups "Retro" from the individual cups collection are very popular and they are based on the tradition of Czech Cubism and the Art Deco style.


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Mug Retro Z, zik-zak, 400 ml, Porcelain Goldfinger

Mug of an original design based on the tradition of Czech…

30.11 €
Hrnek Diamond Titanum Maxi, zeleno duhová a platina, 550 ml, porcelán Goldfinger

Big mug of an original design based on the tradition of…

58.61 €
Tea / Coffee Set for 2 pers., Šárka Black Line, Goldfinger porcelain

Tea / Coffee set Šárka has an original design based on the…

129.14 €
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