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Glass Champagne 180 ml, Daka Bohemia Crystal

Original luxurious glass for champagne or other aperitif 180 ml. It's professionally handcrafted which gives the product exceptional quality and originality. DAKA Crystal - Czech company based on the Czech traditions in Glass production.

Volume: 180 ml, Height: 153 mm, Weight: 150 g

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Glass Champagne 180 ml, Daka Bohemia Crystal


Product categories: Glass
Country of origin: Czech republic
Weight: 0.3 Kg
Manufacturer: DAKA Crystal

Crystal and glass Glass Glass

About brand DAKA Crystal

The company was founded in late nineties. It is based on a long tradition of glass production in the Czech Republic. Their speciality is hand-cut lead crystal glassware that can be further processed using a wide range of traditional techniques such as gold-plating and enamelling which give their products unique character.  Their crystal products are professionally handcrafted which gives them exceptional quality and originality.

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