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Crystal Carafe / Vase 1350 ml, Citrin - Tethys, Kvetna 1794 Glassworks

Crystal hand-blown carafe / vase in light blue color "Citrin-Lemon" from the Tethys design series. Made in the traditional Czech glassworks Kvetna 1794 with a long tradition of handmade production. Because all of the company's products are handmade, each piece is a unique original. Made of lead-free titanium glass, which is characterized by it's hardness, durability and lightness.

A very tasteful home design accessory which can be used as a carafe for soft drinks or a vase for cuted flowers.

Height: 210 mm, Volume: 1350 ml

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Code: SE-KV-kvetna-citrin


Crystal Carafe / Vase 1350 ml, Citrin - Tethys, Kvetna 1794 Glassworks


Colour: Gold, Yellow
Product categories: Vases and Baskets
Microwave / Dishwasher use: NO
Country of origin: Czech republic
Weight: 0.7 Kg
Manufacturer: Sklárna Květná 1794

Table accessories Crystal and Glass accessories Porcelain, Glass and Crystal Vases, Baskets Vases, baskets decorative Kvetna 1794 Glassworks

About brand Sklárna Květná 1794

The Kvetna 1794 glassworks is one of the longest-running glass factories in Czech republic which was built in 1794. This factory produces Czech hand-made titanium glass of premium quality.

Every piece of glass produced in Kvetna 1794 is hand-made product, therefore each piece is unique original. You may encounter minor imperfections, such as small bubbles or minor surface irregularities, which are only an evidence of handmade production and do not detract from the beauty or functionality of the product.

The drawn stem from the hands of the master glassmaker guarantees high resistance of the glass to damage even while maintaining the extreme thinness of the glass.

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