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Crystal Hand Cut Vase ORBIT- Thistle decor, 240 mm, Crystalite BOHEMIA

Hand cut crystal vase made of Czech lead-free crystal, made in the Crystalite BOHEMIA glassworks, located in Světlá nad Sázavou. Hand cuted by Mr. Oliva - beautiful natural motif of thistle in decor. The vase is very ornate and decorative and made of very solid crystal, so it will hold even heavier flowers without any problems. A wonderful gift.

The tradition of production in this glassworks is dating to 1967. It's one of the largest producers of crystal in the Czech Republic. It focuses on the production of original hand-cut lead-free crystal. They use the environmentally friendly CRYSTALITE enamel without lead compounds. It has a perfect refraction of light and high strength and durability thanks to the addition of titanium. It can be washed in the dishwasher without the threat of graying, even with a large number of cycles.

Height: 240 mm, weight 2462 g (it can slightly differ due to the hand making)



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Crystal Hand Cut Vase ORBIT- Thistle decor, 240 mm, Crystalite BOHEMIA


Product categories: Vases and Baskets
Microwave / Dishwasher use: NO
Country of origin: Czech republic
Weight: 2.7 Kg
Manufacturer: Crystal Bohemia

Crystal and glass Bohemian Glass and Crystal Bohemia Crystalex a Crystalite Bohemia

About brand Crystal Bohemia

Many years of tradition, a wide range of products, creative designers and high production and technological standards are the main reasons for the success of this crystal produced by Crystal BOHEMIA. At present, the company ranks among leading world producers of lead crystal and it is unambiguously the major producer in the Czech Republic.

Crystal BOHEMIA continues the heritage of extraordinary tradition of Bohemian crystal glass. This tradition dates back to the beginning of 18th century and it has influenced the entire glass industry of the world in the course of time. They produce lead-free and lead crystal 24% lead.

They currently have two production plants, in Poděbrady and in Světlá nad Sázavou. Thanks to this, they can provide their customers with a wide range of utility, table, beverage and decorative glass.

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