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Bowl 27 cm 1,9 l, Ribby, G. Benedikt 1882

Large bowl from modern porcelain collection Ribby with a relief along the edge (ripples). Made in Czech porcelain factory G. Benedikt 1882 with a tradition - as the name suggests - since 1882. Pure white high quality porcelain. The simple relief design will make you desire to touch it and run your fingers over the 'waves'. Ideal size for salads.

Diameter: 270 mm, height: 91 mm, weight: 690 g

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Bowl 27 cm 1,9 l, Ribby, G. Benedikt 1882


Colour: White
Product categories: Bowls
Microwave / Dishwasher use: Microwave and Dishwasher SAFE
Country of origin: Czech republic
Weight: 0.9 Kg
Manufacturer: G. Benedikt 1882, K. Vary

Bowls deep large BENEDIKT Ribby

About brand G. Benedikt 1882, K. Vary


Tradition since 1882

At that time it all has started. The foundation stone of the porcelain factory has been laid in the town of Karlovy Vary. One of the currently largest porcelain factories in the Czech Republic focused mainly on the production of hotel porcelain.


As time went by, the porcelain factory found skilful colleagues - allies in Austria and Switzerland. Therefore today, with Lilien Austria and Suisse Langenthal, we create the “G. Benedikt Group”.

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