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Porcelain collection RESET from the traditional Czech manufacturer Český porcelán, a.s. Brand new collection in 2023. Beautiful clean timeless design and high quality products. The author of the design is...

This set is not only beautiful, the author thought of functionality and practical use at the same time. The saucers for tea, coffee and espresso cups are the same size, so all cups fit to one type of saucer. The cutout is formed by a raised groove. Larger cups hug the groove with the bottom from the outside and small espresso cups fit beautifully anchored in the middle of the cut-out. The lid from the sugar bowl also fits as a lid for a coffee or tea cup, so it has various possibilities of use.

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RESET, Coffee / Tea Set, Tomáš Vrána design, Cesky porcelan a.s.

Porcelain collection RESET from the traditional Czech…

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Microwave / Dishwasher use
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