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Porcelain Chess, 41 cm, Original Blue Onion pattern, Duchcov

The chess game made from the Czech porcelain is really beautiful and special thing. Made in the traditional Duchcov manufactory. The figurines are decorated by the traditional onion pattern. This is a perfect gift for a true chess lover.

The package contains a large glass game board and 32 porcelain figures.

Sizes: desk 41 cm x 2 cm height, height of the king figure: 11,5 cm


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Porcelain Chess, 41 cm, Original Blue Onion pattern, Duchcov


Colour: Black, Blue
Microwave / Dishwasher use: NO
Country of origin: Czech republic
Weight: 4.9 Kg
Manufacturer: Cibulák (Blue Onion pattern)

Figurines NEW PRODUCTS Figures

About brand Cibulák (Blue Onion pattern)

It was already in 1864 when the industrialist from Dubí Anton Tschinkel bought a large building called Lower Forest Mill in present Tovární street in Dubí near Teplice and rebuilt it into a Majolica manufacture. In 1885, the firm O. C. Teuchert from the near Meissen purchased the factory from him and started there production of porcelain in Rococo style with so called “onion” pattern. Its production achieved an extraordinary success and interest of customers which can be seen from the number of parts of the set; in 1929, when the factory was owned by Artur Bloch, it included 257 shapes and until 1956, it was marked with designation MEISSEN in an oval frame.

Now, when you read this introduction, the company’s name is Český porcelán and the number of pieces with the onion design achieves 660 shapes. These products are guaranteed by the Association of Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic as a “Czech Product”.


Video: Manufacturing of the Blue Onion pattern

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