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Heart of Africa, Helena Hlušičková

Numbered limited edition hand-decorated heart bowls. 12 motifs of African animals from the "Heart of Africa" collection. Each motif is issued only in the number of 10 pieces.

Hand-decorated by Helena Hlušičková, who studied porcelain and ceramics and is not only the author of many sculptures, but she also beautifully decorates porcelain. For example, Goldfinger porcelain. This unique collection features 12 different African animals, some of which are unfortunately already on the verge of extinction.

Thanks to the unique handwork, each piece is slightly different and therefore an unmistakable original. Each of the bowls is hand-signed on the bottom along with a number from the limited edition.

The porcelain bowls are made in the traditional Czech porcelain factory Český porcelán a.s.

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