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Dining set for 6 persons, Henrietta, Thun 1794 Carlsbad porcelain

Dining set for 6 persons, Henrietta, Thun 1794 Carlsbad porcelain Blue Onion Pattern on Carlsbad porcelain named Henrietta: 6x plate flat 24 cm, 6x plate deep 22 cm, 6x plate dessert 19 cm, soup bowl 3 l, bowl oval 36 cm, dish round flat 30 cm, bowl deep 23 cm, bowl deep 25 cm, sauce bowl with underbowl 0,5 l, salt and pepper bowl Blue Onion Pattern Henrietta. MICROWAVE AND DISHWASHER SAFE, INGLAZED.

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Dining set for 6 persons, Henrietta, Thun 1794 Carlsbad porcelain


Colour: Blue
Product categories: Dining sets
Microwave / Dishwasher use: Microwave and Dishwasher SAFE
Country of origin: Czech republic
Weight: 17 Kg
Manufacturer: Thun 1794

Dining sets Blue Onion Pattern Henrietta + white Coups

About brand Thun 1794

THUN 1794, the biggest manufacturer of porcelain in the Czech republic. THUN 1794 Group operates three manufactories around the city of Carlsbad.



Nová Role manufactory:

The plant was established in 1921. After the World War II, it was incorporated into the group of Karlovarský porcelán. In 2009, the enterprise was bought by the company Thun 1794 a.s. and, a significant modification of the content of production occurred. Together, Nová Role has become a head office of the whole company; the workshop Service and Screen printing production are placed in its premises, too. Thun 1794 a.s. purchased also the rights to trademarks, following more than two centuries old tradition of porcelain manufacturing by its own production activities.

This enterprise´s capacity presents 3.5 - 4 thousand tons per year. The plant is equipped with modern technological appliances - isostatic presses, die casting, glazing complex, fast-action burning kiln, chamber kiln, inglazed decoration kiln. The enterprise is able to offer both white and decorated products.

This enterprise uses the trademarks Thun 1794 and Thun Hotel & Restaurant


Klášterec nad Ohří manufactory:

The Klášterec plant was established by the count Franz Joseph Thun and J.N.Weber in 1794, as the second oldest factory in Bohemia. The factory moved to newly built spaces in 1970ties; it has been housed there up till now. The enterprise is provided with modern technological devices such as die casting, two chamber kilns, and two inglazing kilns. It disposes of really powerful decorative section, which is able to apply all available decoration categories to a white body: screen printing decorations, under- and overglazed decorations, paintshop decorations using precious metals or colours, spraying. Capacity of the Klášterec factory is about 1 thousand tons per year.

The enterprise makes use of the trademark Thun 1794.


Lesov manufactory:

Concordia Lesov was founded by Ernst Máder, in 1888. After the World War II, the factory became a part of the company Karlovarský porcelán. In 2009, it was bought by the company Thun 1794 a.s., trademarks and technological equipment included. The enterprise disposes of devices for die pressing production, recent chamber kilns and inglazed decoration kiln. It is capable to decorate its products using classic decoration techniques.

Concordia Lesov uses the trademark LC and Thun Hotel & Restaurant.


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