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Mysterious Power 80 x 200 mm, Crystal Gifts and Decoration PRECIOSA

Mysterious Power 80 x 200 mm, Crystal Gifts and Decoration PRECIOSA The Black Panther stands for both physical strength and mystical powers. Many see it as a symbol of a mature hunter with an innate intuition. This unique accessory was manufactured by means of traditional Czech glassmaking technologies. The manual processing of the individual product parts guarantees the truly original and inimitable character of every single piece.

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Mysterious Power 80 x 200 mm, Crystal Gifts and Decoration PRECIOSA


Colour: Black and White
Product categories: Figurines
Country of origin: Czech republic
Weight: 1 Kg
Manufacturer: Křišťálové figurky PRECIOSA

Figurines Decoration

About brand Křišťálové figurky PRECIOSA

The World of Crystal

We are a leading international glass manufacturer. For decades we have brought, and continue to bring, new blood to the art of glassmaking through creative ideas, colour and our brilliant glass and crystal components. We design one-of-a-kind, awe-inspiring chandeliers and elegant jewellery. People in over 140 countries worldwide admire our craft.

The Original
Birthplace of Bohemian Crystal

There is only one place on earth – Crystal Valley – where over 470 years of glassmaking tradition, unique natural resources, and the love of glass come together. More than 300 years ago, Crystal Valley gave birth to Bohemian Crystal. Soon after came the first cut and polished stone in the world, the first majestic chandelier, and the tiniest of treasures, the glass seed bead. It was also here that man first created magical, sparkling, ever-enduring crystal jewellery.

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