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A Tea Cup - Onion Pattern, Meissen Porcelain

The small cup made of luxury Meissen porcelain decorated with famous Onion pattern. This cup is from the "Waves relief" beautiful asymetric and elegant collection.

The world-famous Meissen porcelain is the first European porcelain. This manufactory tradition is dating back to 1710. It’s recognizable by its unique logo - two crossed swords - which you can find at the bottom of all their products. All the products are very special and unique, because they are still thoroughly hand made and hand-decorated.


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A Tea Cup - Onion Pattern, Meissen Porcelain
A Tea Cup - Onion Pattern, Meissen Porcelain
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A Tea Cup - Onion Pattern, Meissen Porcelain


Colour: Blue
Product categories: Cups and saucers
Microwave / Dishwasher use: Microwave and Dishwasher SAFE
Country of origin: Germany
Weight: 0.3 Kg
Manufacturer: Míšeňský porcelán

Cups and saucers Meissen porcelain

About brand Míšeňský porcelán

Meissen porcelain - Top quality German porcelain for centuries - Manufacturer of the most original blue onion pattern - 100% hand-painted decoration. Est. 1708, the oldest European porcelain manufactory.


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