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A Cup and Saucer, Meissen Porcelain

The beautiful luxurious tea cup and saucer made of Meissen porcelain decorated with colorful small flowers and a lot of golden details.

The world-famous Meissen porcelain is the first European porcelain. This manufactory tradition is dating back to 1710. It’s recognizable by its unique logo - two crossed swords - which you can find at the bottom of all their products. All the products are very special and unique, because they are still thoroughly hand made and hand-decorated.

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A Cup and Saucer, Meissen Porcelain


Colour: Flowers, Gold, White
Product categories: Cups and saucers
Country of origin: Germany
Weight: 0.5 Kg
Manufacturer: Míšeňský porcelán

Cups and saucers Meissen porcelain

About brand Míšeňský porcelán

Meissen porcelain - Top quality German porcelain for centuries - Manufacturer of the most original blue onion pattern - 100% hand-painted decoration. Est. 1708, the oldest European porcelain manufactory.


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